Cydia Repo Manager

What is Cydia Repo Manager
Cydia™ is an application on jailbroken iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It is used to download different packages onto the iDevice. These packages are hosted on different websites, including ModMyI and BigBossRepo. The only problem, is that to host packages, you have to have certain files that keep track of the different packages you have; and these files have to be edited manually with Notepad or TextEdit. This is where Cydia Repo Manager comes in: it allows you to edit/create these files with only a few button presses and key strokes. You can easily navigate to the package you need to edit just by typing in the name into the provided box. You can easily add a new package and Cydia Repo Manager will automatically tell give you the Filename, Size, and MD5 Hashsum, which can be a hassle to find. There are multiple small features included that will make creating and editing your Release and Packages files easier.

Cydia Repo Manager features
  • Makes creating/editing necessary files easy
  • Will make sure you don't accidentaly close without saving changes
  • Scan directory for .deb files and add them to your Packages file
  • Can read the control file and use necessary fields

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