Miro TV Manager

The story of Miro TV Manager:

Back in 2013, while trying to keep up with one of my favorite shows, I accidentally missed an episode. After searching for an application that could notify me about such things, and coming up with no results, I decided to write this application. It took me exactly 2 weeks to finish it. It contained a few bugs, but for normal use it worked perfectly. Even though it worked good, it was still lacking many things. You could only have 3 top shows that you would get notified about, and that was it. After a few months of working out the bugs, I just let it sit there... I would use it from time to time, but nothing else.

Then, one day, in the beginning of April of 2014, I was bored...so I decided to rewrite this Miro's TV Manager. Problem was, when I went back to the source files, which were on my flash drive, they were corrupt, and wouldn't even let me rewrite. So I created a brand new application. Using some code of the previous version, and new knowledge of different things, I completely rewrote this application. I took into consideration the bugs that were present in the past, and coded so that they wouldn't be present now. Aiming again for a 2 week release...didn't work unfortunately. When the 2-week marker arrived, I noticed that I still needed to test the notification side...and new features came to mind, so I decided to add them. But after 24 days, it is finally ready for release :). View the Changelog to see exactly what I did while developing the second version.

What is Miro TV Manager:

Miro TV Manager, is an application I developed to notify me (and potentially, you) of upcoming episodes of my/your favorite TV series. I integrated it with TheTVDB.com, to keep track of my/your favorite TV series, and also to be able to add new series, or remove unneeded series, with ease. With a few key-presses, you can find info about any TV series you choose, when the next episode will air, and the summary of that episode. Even if you don't have a TheTVDB.com account, Miro TV Manager will still work, but it is recommended to have an account, as it will be easier to maintain.

Miro TV Manager features:
  • Search for a TV show, and display information about that show
  • Displays each episode by season, along with first air-date and rating
  • Ability to have an unlimited number of favorite shows that are tracked
  • The top shows can be monitored and the user can be alerted about an upcoming episode
  • Ability to be notified before and/or after an episode airs
  • Ability to be notified via Prowl Push Notification, by typing in the API Key
  • Any of the favorite shows can be removed from the Favorites list
  • Force-Update
  • Clear cache (If you want to clear some space on the hard drive)
  • Displays when the series were last updated
  • Updates the overview at 6AM
  • Displays the next upcoming episode (this is click-able to display the series information)

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