Hi, I'm Miro. I graduated Spartanburg Community College in 2014, with an Associate Degree in Computer Science, and am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree from University of South Carolina. My Resume lists what I've worked with, including the languages I have knowledge of, and what Lab Work I've done while in college. Below, are my personal projects that I'm willing to share with the world. Maybe someone someday stumbles upon this page, and discovers what he/she have been searching for.

Project Name Project Description Project Language(s)
Cydia Repo Manager
  • Create/Manage files for repositories in Cydia
  • Works with Release and Package files
  • Can automatically b-zip files
Miro TV Manager
  • Search and display information about TV Shows
  • Works with and Prowl Notifications
  • Ability to keep up with numerous favorite shows, and notify when an episode will air
PiSignage Watcher PiSignage Watcher is an application that runs in the background, and does the following:
  • Checks a Google Drive folder for any new videos
  • For each "search" term:
    • Downloads video with fitting title
    • Uploads to PiSignage, and processes it
    • Assigns video to the appropriate Playlist
    • Deploys each Group (pushes changes to the TVs)
  • If a video is present on PiSignage but not on the Google Drive, the video is removed from PiSignage
  • Option for schedule to turn off/on TVs
  • Ability to view Player name/ID, and add to database
  • Play a game of Battleship against the computer
  • Lets the player know if an attack was successful or missed
  • Displays how many ships you and the computer have left
Bitcoin Widget
  • Checks the price of Coinbase's Bitcoin
  • Refreshes every 12 hours
  • IRC Bot, which can do numerous things
  • Can search: Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, and display the first result
  • Does:
    • Reminders
    • Timezone conversion
    • Stores messages to tell users when they return
    • Remembers when previous users were online
    • Defines moments or messages
    • Allows a user to play blackjack
  • Greets new users
  • Can be used at parties, for people to play a game of Jeopardy
  • Ability to create categories and questions
  • Hides which questions have been already answered
Kiosk for SCCSC
  • Gets students' questions, and directs them towards the right place
  • Lets staff retrieve the information, and help students quickly
  • Allows staff to reorganize and remove students from list, if needed
Pokemon Battle Watchface
  • Watchface for the Pebble Smartwatch, depicting a Pokemon battle
  • Displays:
    • Time (12/24 hours)
    • Day of the week
    • Day of the month
    • Month
    • Pebble's Battery Percentage
    • Progress bars for the day and week
  • Shake watch to switch between 12- and 24-hour clocks
I have a few more projects, but they don't do much, and I created them to simply automate a few things on my computer. If you have any questions, or would still like to see them, please email me. Thank you
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