My Capstone Project for 2013 in Mr. Matthew Alimagham's class.

Two representatives came from the IT department, and asked us to create an application that would help speed up how their staff helped students who had questions.

This application runs on either a kiosk or a staff member's computer (password required for the staff's side). The student types in their name, what their question is, and directs them towards the correct location. The information is saved into a database. A staff member can use the application to retrieve this information, and be able to assist and help the students.

The application is able to move students around on a list, or to the correct list, and saves how quick the student was helped.

Unfortunately, as the database that the application uses isn't currently running, I'm unable to produce screenshots. But you can visit the main Spartanburg Community College's campus, and you should be able to see this application in action.

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